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Why Academic Writing Is Important

The importance of academic writing in a student’s life is pervasive. It not only serves as a mode of communication of acquired knowledge in a specific niche but also caters to impart insight on acquiring the art of writing answers specifically for a student.

In the examination hall, the approach that a student follows is the only method by which the marker knows the student. Thus, it is very important for the student to explain answers in the correct approach to convince the marker that the student is amply cognizant of the topic.

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Before delving further into the deeper layers of why academic writing is so important, let us have a look at the different aspects of an ideal academic writing piece.


  1. Introduction:
    • The introduction of a perfect academic writing has a clear thought, question, quote or some other literary device that has the potency to engage the readers.
    • Introduces the central topic concisely and previews the major sub topics of the article.
  2. Body:
    • This part includes multiple major points that develop the topic of the essay.
    • An organizational structure that is easy for readers to comprehend.
    • Paragraphs are at least three sentences in length.
    • The body communicates the central argument substantially.
  3. Conclusion:
    • Recurrence of the thesis statements at the introduction and body in crisp format.
    • Mobilizes readers to demonstrate a changed perspective and behavior.

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Following are the major domains that are affected by academic writing.

  1. Engagement
  2. Influence
  3. Impact

Career options with Academic Writing

With the high demand of academic writing each day, there has been a sudden upsurge in the demand of professional writers for various niches. Following are some of the variety of roles that you can think of.

  1. Writing online jobs: Many sites like Upwork, Contentmart etc. offer professional writing jobs for people with good hold of writing. Currently, online writing jobs are in serious demand in the market.
  2. Online proofreading jobs: There are ample scopes of proof reading jobs available online. These usually come in contractual basis.
  3. History writing jobs: History being a complicated subject has a huge demand in the academic writing market. Many students want their research papers to be written by some experienced and professional academic writer. Thus, you can always expect to get writer jobs online.
  4. Medical writer jobs: Medicine and medical journals are one of the key areas where academic writing is very much important. With each day of new inventions of medicines, it becomes a mandatory aspect for medicine practitioners to imbibe this knowledge to the whole community across the globe. They prefer professional academic writers in this case. These sometimes come as freelance writing jobs too.

Thus, if you think you are well read and handle language good, academic writing might be a good option for your career to consider.