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We all were in uncomfortable position

We are a collection of students who are currently working while at college. We believe that there are not many resources out there helping out others like us; those that dare to work while at college.

The reason for this, we believe, is due to the fact that work in college is actively discouraged by teachers and parents alike, and this can be off putting for many students. However, we can say from experience that working while at college can be extremely rewarding and teach you many vital skills.

Make no doubt, working while at college can be tough, and many sacrifices have to be made, however it is rewarding to know that you have the organizational skills to survive the juggernaut that is working while in college. A job for college students is a hard to prioritize alongside studying.

Work for students is not rare to find. Typical work includes wait/waitress, receptionist and bookkeeper, however, there are many other creative jobs you can find while working at college. On top of this, jobs that actually make use of the skills and knowledge you have acquired while at college are indeed possible o find, and they pay well!

Perhaps the biggest advantage for us for working while at college is the extra money we have been able to acquire. This has meant that we can generally live a little better off than those fellow students who do not work. It makes a big difference to our comfort levels while at college.

We hope to hear from you, as you can contact us for advice pertaining to your situation, and we will be more than happy to provide you with detailed advice on how to go about attaining a job while in college. Also read out large archive of advice, as there is sure to be something that can help you get a job today!