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Academic Writing Vs Technical Writing

There is high consensus on the fact that academic writing and technical writing has time and again been convoluted and misinterpreted by people.

In order to have a clear idea of what these two different genres says about, we are here to discuss some key elements. On the basis of these we would try to figure the difference between both.

By definition

By definition itself, academic writing is undoubtedly the more complex domain of writing as compared to technical writing. Usually a jargon is commonly used in case of academic writing, involving in-depth knowledge of specific domains.

Technical writing is knowledge pertaining to technical information like scientific, engineering etc. Today, the writing jobs openings also witness a steady competition amongst the technical and academic. You as a writer may expect a variety of job roles like that of freelance writing jobs for college students, academic writing job, online book editing jobs etc.


The central motif of the two niches of writing is completely different from each other. Where academic writing usually focuses to present one’s view on a particular topic, thereby communicating knowledge in that particular field, technical writing aims at informing something to the readers. It guides them to use a specific product, etc. Online jobs for writers in such domains are very much valued now. In academic writing, one of the prime domains of work scope comes as freelance sports writing jobs online.


The target audience for the two domains of writings is totally different from each other. Academic writing is solely for scholars and relevant fraternity people while technical essays addresses are for a huge mass of people. In simple words it is more like an instruction manual for people to use.

If we consider a comparison in the job opportunities in between these two, you would witness that the tendency is always fluctuating between these two. However, you can find availability of freelance editor jobs most of the time.

Style of writing:

While pursuing writing career, the first aspect that you have to keep in mind is your target audience and the style of writing you are to use. If it is for technical writing frequent usage of firs person like ‘I’, ‘You’, ‘We’ etc. is preferable. This will initiate a direct engagement of you as a speaker with your audience and let them connect better. However, if this is for scholars to know, the style should be formal and passive. Thus, freelance writers wanted in these sectors have strong sense of grammar and style.


While deciding on the narration style, it is important to first decide on your audience. This will help as to which style to take on to make an impact on your audience. Equip your statements with reasons and logic. This will stimulate your audience to a changed thought process and behavior.

Career options:

As an academic writer, you can potentially explore a bright future in academicals affairs. These include exam paper writing, research reports, thesis, dissertations, etc. There are ample of freelance editing jobs available to start your career.

On the other side, if you tend to be more in the technical writing, there are no less opportunity awaiting your side. Industries like IT, pharmaceutical, etc. are there where you can showcase your expertise. IT industry specifically is always in need of writers. They tend to put huge ‘copywriters wanted’ openings in their companies. In freelance writing jobs, nyc you can expect to get a very standard payment for technical writing over net.

No matter which domain you choose, for excelling in professional writing career, you need to acquire flawless grammatical and writing style skills unfailingly.